Berkshire Giant Garden Games Hire

Are you planning on entertaining your family & friends?
Is it a special occasion? Will you all be outside? Who needs things to help them pass the time?
Traditional family games outside not in, and a lot bigger.

Berkshire Giant Garden Games Hire supplies fun for all types of celebrations from Weddings, Birthday Parties, Exhibitions, Corporate Events, Brand Activations, Product Launches, Christmas Parties to Team Building Days.

Have Fun With Giant Garden Games!

connect 4 giant game

Connect 4

A giant version of the classic board game, so everyone can join in! Will you be the first to get a line of 4 counters?

See the rules for connect 4 here. All rules supplied with game hire.

Giant Dominoes garden game

Giant Dominoes

A great game for adults and children,make a long line of dominoes matching the spots. First to put all of their dominoes down is the winner!

See the rules for dominoes here.

Croquet to hire play in garden


The classic garden game. This game is trickier than it looks, get your ball through all of the hoops to win.

You can see the rules for croquet here.

Wooden Skittles


A great game to play with a group. It looks easier than in is to knock all of the skittles down!

You can see the rules for skittles here.

Giant Jenga game for garden


Build a giant tower, then take it in turns to remove one brick at a time. Who will make the tower tumble?

You can see the rules for Jenga here.



Great fun to play, take it in turns to throw the quoits at the target, who will get the most points?

You can see the rules for quoits here.

Giant outdoor darts garden

Garden Darts

A safer version of the classic pub game. Make your targets then thrown the darts at the targets on the ground.

Garden darts rules here.

On Target Game

On Target

Test your aim with this giant target game!

Giant Pick up Sticks Giant garden games

Pick Up Sticks

Can you take a giant sick without making the others move? It’s tricker than it looks!

See the rules for pick up sticks here.

Cannon Ball Run

Cannon ball run

Try not to get all of the balls to fall as you take the sticks out one at a time!

See the rules for cannon ball run here.

Giant Connect 4

For Your Party or Event

Why not choose Giant Garden Games to help entertain your guests. We deliver, set up & collect with totally flexible timing and reliable collection and deliver from our team.
From a Giant Jenga, to Connect 4, pick up sticks & Mini Golf. There is a giant garden game for everyone to have a go with, let that Big Kid inside of you come out for a few hours, with lots of laughs & cheers.
Talk to us with your no obligation quote to tick another item off of the list of sorting out for your event.
All Prices shown on our website are for delivery within 10 miles of RG9. Deliveries further afield are subject of delivery charge.

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